Micro Cold Storage

Bangladesh requires a huge number of cold storage for preservation of vegetables, fruits, shrimp, fish, meats etc. etc.

But now a days the cold storage has become crucial crisis in Bangladesh. To build cold storage requires huge investments in respective to local requirements.

So it has come to mind that if we can make micro cold storage in various Areas even in residential areas of our country then we will be able to save food wastage and make them surplus.

Micro cold storage concept sounds a little bit expensive but it has lot of advantages and benefits.

• Micro cold storage can be build in minimum 10,000 sq feet of land.

• It require small generator

• It requires small cooling system

• Subsidiary ice factory can fulfill local demand

• It has low cost to maintain .

• Minimum manpower required




Aircoolar/ chillar/refrigerator

Individual small rooms like a 10feet X 10feet

Storage rack

Generator / solar power system

and few other essential instruments


Micro cold storage (MCS) can be used as private or publicly .


Private MCS : which will be used exclusively for small Agro industrialist.

Private entrepreneur benefits: preserve pick harvesting production and sale out gradually up to pick market price

Public MCS : which will be used for public to preserve harvested products for future market.

Public entrepreneur benefits: The peasant those who do not have cold storage, they will be able to preserve their products in season and will be able to sale in different times with good price.

Availability of MCS (Micro Cold Storage) will make peasants to refrain from waste their products and saved products will minimize food crisis and some time might be available for export.

MCS minimize transport cost and seasoning cost. You may say electricity problem but infact generators and solar power is much less costly for running Micro cold storage.

Telling you very truly that it is very profitable and crucially boomable sector in Bangladesh. It will become booming project for saving food and preservation of food and ultimate result suplus food for export.

Bangladesh is very much versatile country for agriculture and exporting vegetable, fresh water fishes, fruits like jackfruit, watermelon, banana etc. but depriving more than billion dollars due to only scarcity of cold storage.

Importing food is time consuming as well as sometime is very expensive but preserving local food in cold storage is the symbol of instant availability and saves foreign currency. Might be sometime it may sounds a little bit expensive.

Concept by Arif Ahammad Khondker

You may clarify the concept through mobile phone 88-01715275076