Informations for foreign investors to invest in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country where you will get multifarious investment opportunity and highest business return in least period. Which you will never get any where around the world. The secret of this opportunity is proper utilization of local manpower and resources.

Bangladesh herself belongs to a market of 160 millions people, beside that India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar is a great peripheral market to export products.

Except energy all logistic infrastructure support is very cheap in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has two seaport which has versatile feasibility and flexibility to export economically any products from Bangladesh.

Form of investments: Private Public Partnership, Government Collaboration , Joint venture and private

Broadly we can categorize investment sectors into Charitable ! , Industrial, Business , Governmental & Research

Type of investment : Broadly Short term (single financial year) , Mid term (3-5 years) and Long term (5-10 years)

Short term : Local trading like

1. Invest your money on local products or industry and get profit in due course.

2. Invest your money to stock seasonal crops and make business in due time.

3. Invest money to stock market or in financial institutes and make profit in due time.

4. Invest money at local production and export that products around the globe to make money (examples: Buy stock lots of jute, tea, leather, garments etc. etc).

Mid term: Set up your projected industry in Bangladesh and pack up your  profit.

Examples:  As  your high costing product will not be economical to Indo - Pak sub continent but you want to promote your products in indo-Pak sub continent , then make your product's industry in Bangladesh and sell to 160 million peoples local market including neighboring countries and export as much as you like to developed countries.

Product categories are mainly : Pharmaceuticals, Mineral or fresh drinking water, Cane food processing, Frozen seafood , Electronics, Garment, ICT

Long term: Investment in this category again we can categorized into Non-pollution Heavy industry, Development of Infrastructure (i.e. Energy, Mineral, Railway , Highway and Ports etc.) Agro-tech industries, rebuild of soil to habitat and fresh water fish production at flooded area and Research.

Investment zones : Flourished zone,  Flourishing zone, Latent zone, Sick zones and Research Zone
Flourished zone : Garment , Textile, Cell Phone

Flourishing zone : Cold storage, ICT, Telecommunication , Internet , Networking, Database, online, E-commerce

Latent zone : Micro Cold Storage , Exploration of Minerals, Oil, Gas, Sea foods, Protect river erosion and Reclaim of soil to build heavy Industry, Satellite transport, Far site development training and education.

Sick zones : All sick projects physically present (Became sick only for finance but viable with all other factors and would be able to step into market) Examples : Leather, Jute mills etc.

Research Zone: Research work  is very much expensive around the world. In Bangladesh you will find high profiled researcher in very low investments. Moreover you will be able to collect your research resources locally in cheap price. examples: Research for human resources, Research for health & environment, Research for food and habitat, Research for agro economy, Research for sea food resources , Research for Far site development training and education etc. etc.

Charity Investment: This may sounds unknown to everybody but it has very good return. Examples :

1. You give a part of your product as charity to poor people of Bangladesh and after few days you will find a huge demand of your products in the market.

2. You establish an institution like data entry on charity, admit students with free tuition and engage them for data entry. your data entry job will be free of cost, revenue of data entry is your business or profit.

3. Public interest sponsored advertisement is a charity investment.

4. Collect as much as possible scholar students , educate and train them to your perspective with scholarship and at the end get your product from them which you had to purchase much higher price than your charity.

5. You can construct any structure for charity and name it any of your products which will promote your product or company for whole life.

Literally we must say
Bangladesh is very much fertile country of the world in terms of business growth.
In every respect it has maximum fertility capacity which just required proper cultivation. Foreign investors has  great opportunities to take this advantage .

A small investment brings a multiple brilliant result of profit. which is impossible in any country of the world , but Bangladesh, because manpower is cheap, infrastructure is easily available or very cheap to produce. 

Bangladesh require finance  and technology as an investments,  rest of all other project requirements  like land, manpower and  logistic support are very cheap and resourcefully available.

Investors who are very much dedicated to utilize local manpower will be very much benefitted along with mechanized or technical investments. Because Bangladesh has more than 100 million different manpower resources.

Investment zones  on priority
Industrial trade,Infrastructure, Health, Insurance, Finance, Agriculture, Geo-technology, Energy, Land settlement, ICT, Satellite channels, Stock markets, Manpower ,Seafood resources, Reclaim of soil on river embank and protect river erosion to develop heavy industries with hydrodynamic power plant, Human resource development, waste product management, railway, agro stock business, cold storage etc.

Governments rules and regulation on foreign Investments in Bangladesh.

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